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Bias Truck Tires

Bias Truck Tires Made in China can be bought with Low Price from Haorun. It is a professional high quality Products Manufacturers and Factory in China. We are a China company that can provide Customized Products service. If you want Pricelist and Quotation, you can ask us by leaving a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Dongying Haorun Chemical Co.,Ltd was established in 2010, located in Dongying city, Shandong Province, adjacent to Dongying Port and 200 kilometers away from Qingdao Port. Convenient transportation location and unique policy support provide good conditions for the development of enterprises. We are a professional heavy-duty vehicle tire company integrating design, R&D, production and sales, and after-sales service. The company has a professional R&D team and technology development and testing center, drawing on the experience and technology of famous Japanese and European factories, and is committed to off-the-road tires,solid tires and heavy-duty mines tires.The production and application technology of truck tires are upgraded and developed to provide consumers with better products and services. The quality of production is the lifeline of enterprise,our bias TBR program also makes great development on technology and new production research.China Bias nylon truck tires series have been sold to over 30 countries and regions basing on its perfect quality and excellent after-sale service system.
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Bias Nylon Truck Tires

Bias Nylon Truck Tires

The smooth and thick tread design and special rubber formula make it more resistant to cutting, puncture, and abrasion. It can be equipped with construction machinery vehicles such as scrapers, loaders, etc., which can be used in shafts, tunnels, mines and other rocky construction sites.

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Haorun has many years' experience and has established a complete system. As a professional Bias Truck Tires Manufacturers and Suppliers in China, our Factory has been developing towards modernization, the purpose is to provide you with Low Price And reliable Bias Truck Tires. Our Wholesale and Customized service is our advantage all the time. We can provide you with the right service according to your brand situation.